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Lazy Dog Lavender


Bath Salts

Enjoy the relaxing soak of yesteryears fragrance in your own little oasis with our salts and lavender

Foot Soak

Relieve  your tired aching feet. The scent alone is fabulous but our mixture is sure to revive you .

Sugar Scrub

This is the product to die for to use before you shave your legs. It moistures and softens the hair follicle for a closer shave.

Hand Scrub

Love to garden and work outside? When I've been working with the horses this is the go to for cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing

Bar Soap

The scent relaxes you while gently moisturizing your skin. The buds release the fragrance as they are release from the bar and go down the drain. Ifinterested in and exfoliating version of same soap let us know

Liquid Hand Soap

Just the product for the guest bathroom to keep the hands clean and germs away!

Lavender Lip Balm

Slip this little lip moisturizer into your pocket fo 




Remember Grandmas "unmentionables" dresser drawer and the scent that lingered after she closed it, you too can create that nestalgia every time you go in your dresser or closet. 100% Handmade

Linen Spray

This lovely fragrance is perfect when changing your sheets to add a country freshness .

Vo doo Pet Spray

Perfect for those days when your pup has a little funk smell to them! Great Danes have thier opportunities! It neutralizes odor then leaves light scent of lavender

Lavender Sache Ball

Designed to hang in that special spot of your closet or hat box 

Live Lavender Plants

Only Available while in season and supplies last

Dried Lavender

Only Available while supplies are in season